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Pomme Pidou

The Pomme pidou collection, “your smilemaker”, stands for an adventure full of gifts and collectables. These adorable animals are all designed in Bruges, Belgium by Karolien & her own design team. The colourful print on all animals are applied by hand, 1 by 1, every piece is unique.

Pomme Pidou has a large range of attractive animals to decorate your home. Did you know that a big part of these adorable animals are piggy banks and in ceramic?

We were really inspired by the shape of the animal and its colours! Starting from that inspiration I created my very own “prince charming” Freddy the king frog with a golden crown. Herewith I fulfilled a dream come true by giving people a unique and original product and by creating a magical gift that makes us feel good by “giving” or “receiving”!

Very soon I created more animal friends for Freddy and little by little people from all around the world discovered our pets and they love to adopt a Pomme pidou animal from our collection. The animals become friends and they’re even part of the family.

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