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Goebel, the traditional Brand name for gift-giving, collecting anddecorating, with itscollections Artis Orbis, Nina & Marco, Pop Art, RosinaWachtmeister, Scandic Home, Dr. Freundlieb and the seasonal lines easterand Christmas as well as Kaiser Porzellan and NADAL Creationes,Goebel’s world famous brands are poised between tradition and lifestyle,awakening emotions that last for generation.

Handicraft: Hands make Goebel
Since the beginning the „white gold“ is more than only a mixture of kaolin,feldspar and quartz. It is a fragile and brittle, precious, usable anddecorative collector’s piece and an investment of value.

“Hands” make Goebel. We remain true to this philosophy today. We createmasterpieces… one at a time. Our pieces are created as contemporarydesigns or by using historical motifs that are adapted to a modernsensibility.

Handicraft meets art and turns every piece into an unmistakable uniquepiece.

Goebel recognizes, inspires and fulfits the needs
Goebel recognizes, inspires and fulfils the needs of people for timeless,beautiful objects…for those small, personal, luxury items that mean“home”.

Goebel products are perfect gifts for any occasion–birthday, anniversary,housewarming party, a small charming gift, a little thank-you, or justsomething special for that certain person in your life.

Goebel products are for those wholove the nicer sides of life. Goebel is aninvitation to “feel at home”.

Linked to the Past-Prepared for Today-Shaping the Future

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