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Cow Parade

Everyone has a story.

We’re no different, except that our story involves a colourful herd of life-sized cow sculptures painted by some of the most talented artists from around the world. Since 1999, it’s grown to include over 6000 artists with events hosted in over 80 cities. CowParade has become the world’s largest public art phenomenon.

CowParade events aim to inspire, uplift and reach as many people as possible. It revives the spirit of community, bringing together residents of each host city, with artists, local businesses and non-profit organisations all supporting and benefitting from the event. The event also pulls in large numbers of outside visitors to the host city.

The artistic goal is to inspire curiosity, thought and discussion amongst visitors whilst showcasing local, artistic talent.

Exact copies of the life-sized cows, displayed at city events, are available for sale to the public. Made from polyresin or ceramic, the majority have been hand-painted and painstakingly reproduced.

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