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Déesse is a self-taught artist, born in Germany in 1954 in Friedrichshafen by the Lake Constance. Déesse’s sculptures are a synthesis of actual trends. Her artistic sphere of influence is inspired by graffiti and bad painting. She is applying a pop-cubist style to her sculptures, with lively colours, an extravaganza of colour and joy, such as the brazilian carnaval.

Déesse’s inspirations are coming from Mondrian, Klee, Malévitch, Vasarely, whose family she was close to, and her child’s gaze on many actual trends is feeding every day her artwork.

Déesse’s universe, which seems so jovial and happy, is highly sensitive. Her international trips, and her eagerness to glorify shapes and colours, allow the artist to apply her artistic vision.

Her collections of round and colored sculptures are known around the world, and they are distinctive by their feminine and maternal shapes, such as “Big Star”, “Baigneuse”, Lady Heart”, “Beach Heart”, “Diva”, “Happy”, “Kloé” and more.

Déesse exhibits in numerous galleries throughout France, Europ and worldwide.

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